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Category: Maps

LAPIE, PIERRE. "Carte physique, historique et routiere de la Grece".

Start date: 17/06/2013 09:00
End date: 22/07/2013 22:00
Estimation: 2000-3000€
Starting Price: 1.750€
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Work details
LAPIE, PIERRE. "Carte physique, historique et routiere de la Grece".
 A Paris: Ch. Piquet, 1826.
110,2 x 171,5 cm, (folded: 27,3 x 20 mm).
Big copper-plate engraved map of Greece, historical, road and physical map, lined with cloth. Coloured by hand. With data from: The Captains Guilleminot, the Ambassador in Constantinople, Tromelin, the Inspector General of  infantry, and travelers Pouqueville, Gell, Dodwell among others. Based on the astronomical observations of Captains at the ships "Gautier" and "Smith". On the left side, inlaid aspects of Greek locations like Navarino (Pylos town), Parga town, Nafplion town, Athens city, Corinth town, Koroni town, Messolonghi town, and others. On the lower right corner, addendum with Astypalea island, Amorgos island etc. Original case, worn out, on B' side engraved cartouche - ex libris.
French language.

[The boundaries of the NEW GREECE are set in red colour according to the protocol of London, on February 3rd, 1830 between Great Britain, France and Russia. This here map was added later, in 1878, as a philhellenic mention at the house of commons of Great Britain together with a 44 page text.]

[Bibliography: Blackmer 1907, Droulia 958, National Library of Greece MAP.12150-KOE].

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