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  The references appearing below are from our library resources.

Note: Literature research has been made on all listings without exception, and is quoted where it exists.
For the Greek / of Greek interest listings, with the exception of bibliographies, the electronic catalogues of the National Library of Greece, the Greek Parliament Library and the Gennadius Library have been researched as indicative of their rarity. If the printed matter exists in all of them, only one of them is mentioned. On foreign language books, due to lack of bibliography, the classification number of the relevant National Library is quoted.

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The references appearing below are from libraries such as: The National Gallery, Monastery, Municipal, Universities, Nation States, Museums, etc.

Broecke: Broecke, van den. Ortelius Atlas Maps
Lykissas G.:Corfu island, home of post-byzantine iconography. Athens 1960. 
Ramie, Alain: Picasso, Catalogue of the Edited Ceramic Works 1947-1971, Madoura, 1988.

Abbreviations - Explanations  
B.L.: British Library
D.N.B.: Deutsche National Bibliotek
B.N.F.: Bibliothèque National de France  
L.C.: Library of Congress 
L.H.P: Library of the Hellenic Parliament
N.L.G.: National Library of Greece
affichette: small poster up to 35 x 50 cm (13,75 x 19,75 inches).
board: added decorative material, usually paper, that is placed on engravings (also known in the Greek market as passe-partout)
border: the continuation of the paper after the printed part of an engraving, text, etc.
cartolina: small poster attached to or printed on cardboard.
center spread: two facing pages, left and right page
clasp: shutter that holds closed covers, portfolio, box, etc.
gold foil stamping: 50% gold foil used
L.C.: Library of Congress
Lex.El Kal.Dictionary of Greekartists.
sepia: printing in shades of brown.
unbound: the bookbinding on the back is done with wire, or with glue only, or with thin thread and glue. The pages are not bound to a body.
uncut: book-bound copy without separated pages in one or two of the three edges (upper-lower-fore edge).
uncropped: book-bound copy without a straight cut of the edges.


[FIRST EDITION]: First edition in square brackets is used when the edition is not mentioned in the book. After bibliographical researches, it is considered to be the first edition and is mentioned in the description in square brackets.

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